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Need FPMRS mentoring during COVID?
Young SUFU Committee is here to help. If you would like a member of the committee to reach out,  please contact Heather Swanson at heather@sufuorg.com

SUFU realizes that mentoring is a critical part of determining a trainee’s career direction, whether research based, academic or private practice. Exposure to a faculty member dedicated to clinical practice and research in a given field during training is crucial for residents. SUFU offers trainees a chance to work with a mentor through the SUFU Mentorship program. The Mentor program is flexible such that the Mentee can tailor the program to his or her needs. Topics that might be discussed include but are not limited to career development, research projects, practice structure and clinical practice, involvement in SUFU, and networking. If you are interested in connecting with a mentor or if you would like to become a SUFU Mentor please contact the SUFU Executive Office at info@sufuorg.com.