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SUFU Now Accepting 2023 Health Policy Scholar Applications

posted: October 6, 2023

SUFU Health Policy Scholarship Program

With the continuous and sustained growth of our SUFU community and with the strong impact the Health Policy (HP) could have on our practices, it became imperative for SUFU to expand its role to include health policy (HP) related to the urology practice in general and to FPMRS in particular. With this ultimate goal in mind, SUFU started the HP Scholar Program in 2021. Dr Seth Cohen was the inaugural SUFU 2021 Health Policy Scholar.

The SUFU-HP Scholarship Program Goals

The short-term goal of the HP Scholar Program is to develop a “critical mass” of SUFU members who have solid background in health policy. The ultimate long-term goal of this program is for those HP scholars to apply their knowledge and skills in HP to represent SUFU and enhance the SUFU influence in the health policy activities related to urology practice.

Program Description

The program consists of a full year curriculum starting January 1 through December 31 every year. This timeline matches the AUA Gallagher HP Fellowship Program and allows for an overlap between the SUFU-HP scholars and the AUA Gallagher HP fellows. With this overlap, the SUFU-HP scholars are able to attend the same meetings and interact with the AUA Gallagher HP fellows.

The SUFU-HP scholar will attend four meetings throughout the program year. These meetings are held in March, April/May, October, and November. In March, the scholars will attend the AUA Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC. In April/May, the scholar will be able to join roundtable advocacy (and other) meetings at the AUA. In October, the scholar will attend the Bladder Health Alliance in Washington, DC. And in November, the scholar will attend the AUA health policy weekend meetings. In addition to the above meetings, the scholar is expected to attend two more meetings picked by the scholar from different meeting suggestions provided by SUFU.

The scholar will be expected to present the outcome of her/his scholarship year to the SUFU Executive Committee at the SUFU February meeting following the scholarship year.

HP Scholarship Candidate and Financial Support

The candidate for the SUFU-HP Scholarship Program must be an active SUFU member, who is in her/his early/mid-career and with a minimum of five years of clinical practice. Preferred candidates are those who show engagement in health care and health policy related matters. The candidate should be able to allow for about 21 days of being away from their clinical practices in order for them to attend the meetings. This time away will be compensated for by a $15,000 stipend supported by the program.

Financial Support

In addition to the $15,000 stipend, the SUFU-HP Scholarship Program covers the program-related meeting expenses.

Application Timeline

The applications will be received by SUFU during the period between September through October and the selected application will be announced in November. The selected scholar is planned to start the program January 2024.

The AUA Gallagher HP Fellowship Program

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