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Accredited Fellowships

University of Pennsylvania

Program Director

Lily Arya


Posie Jackson
3701 Market St., 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Alan Wein
Gina Northington
Megan Schimp
Najjia Mahmoud
Samual Chacko
Ariana Smith

Program Offers

3-Year Fellowship for Urology or OB/GYN

ABOG/ABU approved program

The faculty of our program includes 3 fellowship trained urogynecologists, one urologist, one colo-rectal surgeon and one Basic Urologic Scientist. Fellows will receive ample exposure in all areas of pelvic reconstructive surgery in women including vaginal, abdominal and robotic surgery, anti-incontinence surgery, and neuromodulation. The program offers opportunities for fellows to participate in clinical research as well as NIH sponsored translational research in the Basic Science Urologic Laboratory. Opportunities are available to obtain Masters in Clinical Epidemiology of Masters in Translational Science for qualified candidates.