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Accredited Fellowships

Northwestern University

Program Director

Lisa Labin Johnson


420 E. Superior
Chicago, IL 60611


John Hairston
Kimberly Kenton
Stephanie Kielb
Christina Lewicky-Gaupp

Program Offers

3-Year Fellowship

ACGME accredited

Program accepts fellows from Obstetrics & Gynecology and Urology backgrounds based on qualifications.

Northwestern is uniquely situated geographically in downtown Chicago with a strong brand in women’s health care, research and academics in both Gynecology and Urology. The FPMRS Division at Northwestern University offers multidisciplinary treatment, research, and educational endeavors in female pelvic floor disorders where patients can benefit from the latest treatments and opportunities by participation in:

  1. A state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary integrated, pelvic health center with experts from Urogynecology, Urology, Colorectal Surgery, Gastroenterology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Physical Therapy
  2. Clinical/translational research for urinary incontinence, bowel control problems and pelvic organ prolapse.

A fundamental aim of the program is to train academic leaders in FPRMS from Obstetrics & Gynecology and Urology. We anticipate that our fellows will go on to advance women’s pelvic floor health as skilled surgeon-scientists, by demonstration of excellence as mentors and educators, and by provision of outstanding clinical and surgical care.

Our fellowship program balances in and out-patient clinical-surgical care, scholarship, and research, as we believe learning to balance these activities during training is crucial to on-going success as academic leaders.