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Louisiana State University

Program Director

Lisa Peacock, MD, Urogynecology


J. Christian Winters, MD, Urology Program Director
1542 Tulane Av.
Peacock - #519
Winters - #547
New Orleans, LA 70112
504-568-4850; 504-568-2207
504-568-5140; 504-568-2307


Ralph Chesson, MD
Ryan Krlin, MD
Guy Orangio, MD
Daniel Raines, MD
William Schwartz, PhD
Pam Janssen, CLT-LANA
Pamela Maratea, BSN

Program Offers

2-Year Fellowship for Urology
3-Year Fellowship for OB/GYN

ACGME accredited FPMRS fellowship. As an integrated fellowship between urology and urogynecology, fellows receive in depth training in female pelvic medicine, pelvic floor reconstruction, voiding dysfunction, urodynamics, neurourology, neuromodulation, urinary diversions, defecatory dysfunction, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as, clinical and laboratory research. Fellows are trained in vaginal, abdominal and minimally invasive surgical approaches for pelvic organ prolapse and fistula repair. Additionally, fellows will rotate with colorectal surgery and pelvic floor physical therapy to round out their knowledge base of pelvic floor disorders. Senior fellows have the opportunity to travel internationally with senior faculty for a rotation centered on repair of complex, obstetrically induced fistulae.