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Join us for the SUFU podcast series!

Hear from the leaders in FPMRS, timely topics and SUFU members. The SUFU podcasts are released every two weeks on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. Central Time. Subscribe to the SUFU podcast, rate and review the podcasts!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Learn about the FPMRS fellowship at Oakland University William Beaumont Hospital with Dr. Larry Sirls https://www.beaumont.edu/graduate-medical-education/fellowship-programs/female-pelvic-medicine-reconstructive-surgery/female-pelvic-medicine-and-reconstructive-surgery-royal-oak nterview by Dr. Rena Malik (twitter: @RenaMalikMD)
Tuesday, September 1, 2020
This special member spotlight features Dr. Gregory Bales, professor at University of Chicago Medicine and mentor to countless urology residents, many of whom have gone on to pursue fellowship in reconstructive urology. What's his secret? Find out what he has to say while he gets interviewed by two of his own past residents - Dr. Fenwa Milhouse and Dr. Rena Malik Find out more about him at: https://www.uchicagomedicine.org/find-a-physician/physician/gregory-bales Dr. Malik & Dr. Milhouse on twitter as: @RenaMalikMD, @FMilhouseMD and instagram: @RenaMalikMD @DrMilhouse
Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Learn about the FPMRS fellowship at Minnesota Urology with Dr. Steven Siegel, MD and Dr. Michael Ehlert, MD Interview by Dr. Una Lee (twitter: @DrUnaLee https://mnurology.com/about-us/fellowship-program/
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Check out this FPMS fellowship spotlight on Stanford featuring Dr. Craig Comiter, interviewed by Dr. Una Lee. Find out more about the program here: You can find out more about the speakers on twitter: @DrUnaLee & @CraigComiter
Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Join us for part 3 of our healthcare disparities podcast series featuring Dr. Fenwa Milhouse, Dr. Yahir Santiago Lastra & Dr. Rena Malik discussing how to increase the diversity in urology. Find out the current status of diversity in urology, benefits of urology in the workplace, managing implicit bias and microaggressions and much more. Find out more about us on: https://www.renamalikmd.com https://www.dupagemedicalgroup.com/our-physicians/fenwa-milhouse/ https://providers.ucsd.edu/details/32623/yahir-santiago-lastra-surgery-urology-la_jolla-san_diego= And on twitter as: @YSL_MD, @RenaMalikMD, @FMilhouseMD and on instagram as: @the_neuro_urologist, @RenaMalikMD @DrMilhouse