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Home Research The SUFU Research Network (SURN)

The SUFU Research Network (SURN)

SURN is a collaborative entity of SUFU members to promote and conduct multicenter, clinical research. The mission of SURN is to conduct high quality multicenter clinical studies related to SUFU areas of interest that have greater impact than single center studies, to provide access to high quality research opportunities and mentorship for interested SUFU members and to successfully collaborate and build toward future clinical trial/research development.

Since its inception in 2016, SURN has conducted two multicenter studies. The first study evaluated use of onabotulinum toxin for idiopathic overactive bladder and the second described outcomes of surgical management of female urethral stricture disease. The network has published three manuscripts based on these two studies. SURN’s organizational structure consists of an advisory board and steering committee.

How to Get Involved

The SURN is comprised of individual SUFU members with interest in participating in multi-center clinical research.

  1. Active SUFU Membership (Affiliate or Active Member) in good standing
  2. SURN Membership is attained through application to and approval by the Steering Committee. Qualifications include interest and motivation to perform the research activities.
  3. Non-SUFU members can also apply to be a member of the SURN and may be approved by the steering committee. Non-SUFU members may serve as collaborators in research studies and their research activities will be coordinated by the PI of the research study.

Apply for SURN Membership

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