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SUFU’s Response to Recent Violence & Health Disparities

posted: June 8, 2020

In the past three months, we have experienced extraordinary challenges and we have witnessed communities of color and the economically disadvantaged disproportionately dying from COVID-19. On that background, the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis as well as the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, bring to light a blatant disregard for human life, particularly a black life, even during a pandemic.

In having time to reflect on these events, one realizes that there is absolutely no place for racism in our country or in our professional organizations. SUFU stands against all forms of racism and discrimination against others as we are the embodiment of a multicultural and racially diverse professional society at the service of our diverse patient population. In essence, this has been our strength and we will continue to be a society that remains a welcoming group with an annual meeting that is a place to learn and grow together while always condemning racism and inequality.

It is clear these acts weigh heavily on all of us, but as a professional society, we can help affect change as we dedicate ourselves to acts within our group and outside of it with a goal towards maintaining principles of equality and inclusion while striving for improving the health of our patients and helping break down the disparities of care that exist within our communities. Now is a time to stand with our Black community. We need to listen to the experiences of those among us who are fearful of being victims of violence because of the color of their skin, who feel the sting of racism, and who feel excluded. We need to challenge ourselves to grow in our awareness of racism in our community and to find paths for healing and inclusion. It is our hope that these events, while as terrible as they have been, represent a tipping point in beginning to address issues of racism and social injustice that eventually lead to sustainable change.

SUFU Board of Directors