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SUFU Foundation Donors

The SUFU Foundation Would Like to Thank All of the Following Contributors for Supporting the Fundraiser

*Nitya Abraham, MD
Ben Abramowitz
**Michael Edward Albo, MD
Cindy L. Amundsen, MD
**Jennifer Anger, MD MPH
Janice L. Arnold, MD
Humphrey Atiemo, MD
Gopal H. Badlani, MD
*Thomas Bergstrom
*Peter Bulla
**Jerry G. Blaivas, MD
David A. Bloom, MD
William W. Bonney, MD, MS
Timothy Bolton Boone, MD, PhD
Gary Douglas Bozeman, MD
**Benjamin M. Brucker, MD
*Adele Caruso, MSN, CRNP
R. Duane Cespedes, MD
**Toby C. Chai, MD
David Craig Chaikin, MD
**Christopher John Chermansky, MD
Chieh Lung Chou, MD
Denise Chow, MD
Doreen E. Chung, MD, FRCSC
**J. Quentin Clemens, MD
**Craig Vance Comiter, MD
Ben Cooley
Firouz Daneshgari, MD
*Nina Sarah Davis, MD
Donna Y. Deng, MD
Roger Roman Dmochowski, MD
*Karyn Schlunt Eilber, MD
Ahmed Mokhtar El-Zawahry, MD
Sharon English, MD
**Deborah R. Erickson, MD
Hugh Declan Flood, MCh, FRCSI
Brian Joseph Flynn, MD
*Harris Emilio Foster, MD
*Suzanne Frye, MD, MPH
Lamia L. Gabal, MD
**Gamal Mostafa Ghoniem, MD, FACS
Alienor Sylvaine Gilchrist, MD
Patricia E. Gilhooly, MD
**David Alan Ginsberg, MD
*Alexander Gomelsky, MD
Christopher Scot Gomez, MD
**E. Ann Gormley, MD
**Angelo E. Gousse, MD
**Fred E. Govier, MD
Bryan Gregory, BBA
Tomas L. Griebling, MD, MPH
Daniel S. Hoffman, MD
Jennifer R. Hill, MD
Mohammad J. Iqbal, MD
Karny Jacoby, MD
Saad Juma, MD
*Susan J. Kalota, MD
Daniel Mark Katz, MD
*Casey Kanel
Melissa R. Kaufman, MD, PhD
Steven A. Kaplan, MD
*Elizabeth Kavaler, MD
*Michael J. Kennelly, MD
*Lindsey A. Kerr, MD
Robert R. Kester, MD
Stephanie J. Kielb, MD
Ja-Hong Kim, MD
Jason M. Kim, MD
John Kinahan, BSc, MD, FRCSC
**Kathleen C. Kobashi, MD, FACS
Michelle E. Koski, MD
**Stephen R. Kraus, MD
Karl Joseph Kreder, Jr., MD
**Ryan M. Krlin, MD
**John P. Lavelle, MBBCh, BSc, FRCS
**Una J. Lee, MD
**Deborah J. Lightner, MD
*Ngoc-Bich P. Le, MD
**Gary Evan Lemack, MD
Sara M. Lenherr, MD
Nancy Ann Little, MD
*Alvaro Lucioni, MD
Scott MacDiarmid, MD
*Ayman Mahdy, MD, PhD
Bill Mahoney
Sarah E. McAchran, MD, FACS
Edward Joseph McGuire, MD
Elizabeth Anne Miller, MD
**Arthur P. Mourtzinos, MD, MBA
*Elizabeth R. Mueller, MD, MS
Marcella M. Nachmann, DO
Tanya Nazemi Quraishi, MD
*Diane Newman, DNP
*Linda Ng, MD
**Victor William Nitti, MD
Geoffrey R. Nuss, MD
*Helen E. O'Connell, MD
Pat D. O'Donnell, MD
Ann Louise Oldendorf, MD
**Raul Caesar Ordorica, MD
Priya Padmanabhan, MPH, MD
**Christopher K. Payne, MD
Anne K. Pelletier Cameron, MD
Colby Perkins, BA
*Kenneth Michael Peters, MD
Andrew Charles Peterson, MD
Andrea Pezzella, MD
Michel Arthur Pontari, MD
*Christopher R. Porter, MD
Charles R. Powell II, MD
*Kevin Pranikoff, MD
Rajveer Singh Purohit, MD, MPH
Shlomo Raz, MD
Polina Reyblat, MD
**William Stuart Reynolds, MD, MPH
Rolando Rivera, MD
*Larissa V. Rodriguez, MD
**Nirit Rosenblum, MD
**Eric Scott Rovner, MD
Henry E Ruiz, MD
**Matthew P. Rutman, MD
*Harriette Miles Scarpero, MD
Sovrin M Shah, MD
*Steven W. Siegel, MD
Larry Thomas Sirls, II, MD
*Ariana L. Smith, MD
*Gjanje Smith, MD
Andrea Staack, MD, PhD
Kensija Stefanovic, MD
John T. Stoffel, MD
Anne M. Suskind, MD
David O. Sussman, DO
Emil A. Tanagho, MD
Joanna M. Togami, MD
Khai Lee Toh, FRCSEd, FRCSG
**Christian Owen Twiss, MD
Sneha Vaish, MD
**Sandip Prasan Vasavada, MD
*Richard Wallace
Julian Hsin-Cheng Wan, MD
George D. Webster, MD
**Alan J. Wein, MD FACS PhD (Hon)
James M. Weinberger, BS
**Ouida Lenaine Westney, MD
*Kristene E. Whitmore, MD
Tracey S. Wilson, MD, FACS
**J. Christian Winters, MD, FACS
Christopher E. Wolter, MD
Daniel E Yanko, MD
**Philippe E. Zimmern, MD
Helena Zyczynski, MD

*These individuals have contributed to the SUFU Annual Fundraiser for two years.
**These individuals have contributed to the SUFU Annual Fundraiser for three years or more.

We Would Also Like to Thank Our Industry Supporters